Freaker Swarm

Freakers are a major presence in Days Gone, and one of the most common enemies.

Prior to the events of the game, a virus spread through the world infecting millions of people.


Freakers are the result when living creatures are infected with an unknown virus. The virus granted them superior strength, speed and agility of a normal creature of their species.

However they also lost any semblance of humanity becoming feral cannibalistic creatures.

None of the human Freakers have hair and their skin appears to be covered in bloody sores.

Types of Freaker

Newt Days Gone

Deacon finds Two-Dog fleeing from a Newt.

There are multiple different types of Freaker.

Standard: Infected adults, who make up the majority of the Freakers.

Newt: Infected adolescents, who will attempt to ambush Deacon and jump on him.

Runner: Runners are wolves infected by the freaker virus are incedibly fast, capable of outrunning Deacon's Motorcycle.

Rager Bear: Rager Bears are infected bears have massively increased durablity, and are able to take a lot of trauma, as seen with one having barbed wire and weapons imbedded in it's flesh and seemingly is not bothered by it. 


Deacon vs single Freaker

Deacon about to kill a Freaker with an axe.

Freakers when unprovoked or unaware of human presence will merely wander around in search of humans. When they find a human they will chase them down in a furious frenzy.

Freakers will behave differently depending on the Weather.[1]


Since Freakers are still living beings, they are fairly easy to kill and can be killed by the same methods a living being can be killed, such as ballistic and blunt force trauma, fire and being crushed. However since they tend to move in a swarm it seems to be a good idea to simply avoid them where possible.


  • The Freakers still being living creatures despite their infection makes them similar to the Infected from Left 4 Dead and The Last of Us, as opposed to more traditional undead zombies.



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